Autumn! Falling Leaves! Long sleeve Tshirts!

Autumn is here and finally it feels like it!!!! We here at Jim & Em’s are loving the fall weather! We have a lot of things to go along with the climate change.
We have some homemade pumpkin cheesecake and also snickerdoodle coookies and we also have some soups available.
Drinks are always good nice and hot or iced in this type of weather and we have all of the flavor you could imagine you would want!
We hope you are able to come by and see us and get some delicious goodies and drinks!

Happy Happy Fall

Buying Beans

Jim & Em’s is offering some new coffees next week! Come by and check out the new selection! Freshly roasted and available by next weekend! If you are interested….. We will offer some cuppings! For those of you that are not quite sure cupping = tasting freshly roasted coffee and giving your opinion of taste and quality! (kind of like wine tasting but with coffee. It is a neat way to learn about coffee and origins that they are grown in as well as a different option for ‘date night’. Contact Jim and Em’s if you are interested!

Cold Brew!

Jim & Em’s is trying something new! We have some cold brew available. The cool thing about cold brew is that it is never touched with hot water, keeping the acidity down. A lot of people who use coffee to function i.e. doctors, nurses, and lawyers usually have issues with drinking coffee due to the acidity messing with their stomachs. Now there is a solution………… Cold brew. Cold brew has very little to no acidity! Bonus, it tastes amazing! We have two different kinds for you to select from. Uganda which is a mild roast with milk chocolate, raisin, fig, and vanilla flavor tones. The other is a smoky Burundi, it is smoky flavored due to the roast and the natural flavor tones are honey, vanilla, bourbon, cranberry and cardamom. The cold brew is easy! All you have to do is pour from the Jim & Em’s bottle and add milk and sugar to taste or nothing at all. We have bottles available for $15. Come by and get some!

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! We have artisan tomato and green onion quiche and sausage and sweet pepper quiche, we also have Orange Cranberry bread available. We hope to see you and happy guessing on the super hero. Hopefully we will not be so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Something New…….

Happy Friday evening!! Oh my, are we ready for August to be here??


Jim and Em’s is trying something new beginning tomorrow — AUGUST 1st — we will be closing at 2:00 every Saturday. We have noticed that we have very little traffic on Saturday afternoon and evenings, and we could use a little more time to get stuff done off the clock, so to speak …. So we will give this a try for the month of August and see how it goes. Of course, if you have an event or party you wish to have on a Saturday, we will be glad to provide a place for that. Just let us know and we’ll work out the details and get it on the schedule!


PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK — we value your feelings and opinions — after all , we are here for you. Come see us in the morning === and don’t forget to look up the superhero on the website for a chance at a half-priced drink!

Saturday 7/25/15 Super Hero

Happy Saturday! We hope that you have plans to stay cool this weekend. The Super hero is a wish upon a dream for the weekend. Happy guessing. There is sausage and sweet pepper quiche with feta cheese and bacon and cheddar with artisan tomatoes. We also have raspberry oatmeal bars and fresh brownies, If you have not had a chance to try some of our sweet breads, then you are in for a treat with the banana nut. Have a great weekend and we can’t wait to see you!

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Superhero Saturday! We hope you have had a wonderful week. Today we have a book signing from 2-4 pm. It is a children’s book, so bring the kiddos. We hope to see you! We also have raspberry oatmeal bars and brownies. Quiche is sausage and feta and the other is bacon and cheddar.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Super Hero Saturday and also Father’s day! We have ham and green onion quiche! We hope to see you! Come in and treat your dad to a 1/2 price delicious beverage at Jim & Em’s!

Hey, Hey! It’s Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! We hope you have had a great week. We have yummy lattes and italian sodas for you to buy! We have turkey, bacon, ranch quiche, sausage and sweet peppers, and bacon and cheddar. We also have chicken salad and yummy oatmeal bars and brownies. We hope to see you and remember it’s dry inside!