Cold Brew!

Jim & Em’s is trying something new! We have some cold brew available. The cool thing about cold brew is that it is never touched with hot water, keeping the acidity down. A lot of people who use coffee to function i.e. doctors, nurses, and lawyers usually have issues with drinking coffee due to the acidity messing with their stomachs. Now there is a solution………… Cold brew. Cold brew has very little to no acidity! Bonus, it tastes amazing! We have two different kinds for you to select from. Uganda which is a mild roast with milk chocolate, raisin, fig, and vanilla flavor tones. The other is a smoky Burundi, it is smoky flavored due to the roast and the natural flavor tones are honey, vanilla, bourbon, cranberry and cardamom. The cold brew is easy! All you have to do is pour from the Jim & Em’s bottle and add milk and sugar to taste or nothing at all. We have bottles available for $15. Come by and get some!