Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Super Hero Saturday and also Father’s day! We have ham and green onion quiche! We hope to see you! Come in and treat your dad to a 1/2 price delicious beverage at Jim & Em’s!

Hey, Hey! It’s Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! We hope you have had a great week. We have yummy lattes and italian sodas for you to buy! We have turkey, bacon, ranch quiche, sausage and sweet peppers, and bacon and cheddar. We also have chicken salad and yummy oatmeal bars and brownies. We hope to see you and remember it’s dry inside!

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Super Hero Saturday! We have ham and green onion quiche and also avocado with bacon and tomato and feta. Yummy Chicken salad. QUESTION….. Have you tried the Caramel Apple Italian Cream Soda? If you haven’t, then we can comfortably say that you are missing out! So see if you can guess the super hero on the website and come and get one 1/2 price. Hope to see you today!