Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Super Hero Saturday! We hope you have had a great week. We have veggie quiche and bacon and tomato! We also have biscuits and gravy. We also have tirimisu flavor again! We hope to see you and that you are able to get out and enjoy this gorgeous day!

Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday! It is amazing what a snow day or two can do to the week……. It seems to make Friday even more inviting! We have tuna salad today and veggie quiche, we also have quiche lorraine (spinach and ham) and we have chicken salad as well. We hope to see you and we hope you are able to get your weekend started off correctly. If you need some assistance in the form of a laugh or a delicious beverage we are located at 618 E. Okmulgee St.!

Wet and wild Wednesday!

It’s crazy weather Wednesday! Not sure if you were aware….. now you are. We have broccoli cheddar soup today, chicken salad and chicken and veggie quiche and bacon and tomato. We hope to see you and we hope that you stay warm and safe in this crazy winter weather.

Hooray for Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! We hope you had a nice Monday! We have chicken and veggie quiche and bacon and tomato and sausage and feta. We hope you may like to have a drink as well. We have delicious choices for you. If you are feeling a little green come by and try a grasshopper or an emerald penguin, You may also like an Irish penguin. We hope to see you today!

New Month, New Monday?

Happy Monday! Is there ever really a new one? Hope all of you had a safe and warm weekend. We have bacon and tomato quiche and also sausage and feta. We also have chicken salad! If you are into the new month then feel free to March right in and order a grasshopper (creme de menthe and choc) or an Emerald Penguin (CdM, choc and wh choc). We hope to see you!