Super Hero Saturday!

Good Morning and happy weekend! There are a lot of things going on this weekend. Come by and get some awesome coffee and maybe something to nibble on. If you are able to guess the super hero then you will be able to get a 1/2 price drink.

Let’s go Thursday!

Happy almost end of the week to you. We have beef and veggie stew and also turkey bacon ranch quiche and ham and feta. We hope to see you and don’t forget the coffee could be hot!

Wednesdays are Awesome!

Speaking of veggies….. We have beef stew today!, we also have turkey, bacon, ranch quiche and sausage and sweet peppers. Come by and try some Mexican coffee and you might smell some wonderful aroma in the air….. It’s okay…. It’s gonna be a roasting day! If you don’t like coffee…… BEEF STEW!

Happy Monday!

Time to get back to the “grind”. We hope your weekend was awesome! A cappuccino chunky chocolate latte would get you going this Monday! We also have bacon and tomato quiche and sausage and veggies with feta. We hope to see you!

Happy Saturday!

Yay! It is super hero Saturday once again! We hope to see you today, there have been some changes so don’t be alarmed, but come and check them out and help us get our flow! We have cornbread salad today and ham and green onion quiche! Brewed today is Sumatra Aceh Gold. Let us know what you think of the flavor!

Thursday, Thursday……

Hope everyone is having a great week. Today we have Sumatra Aceh Gold brewed for your tasting pleasure!
We also have sausage quiche and bacon and tomato quiche! Pumpkin bread, and peach oatmeal bars. We hope to see you today!

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day to you all! We have bacon and tomato quiche and turkey and avocado. We also have chicken salad and some fresh brownies and apricot oatmeal bars. If you are hanging out with your dog today come by, we have fresh dog treats available as well! We hope to see you today!

Super Hero Saturdays!

Happy Super Hero Saturday! We hope your week has been grand! Do you need a place to hang out of the rain? Jim and Em’s is a great place to sit back and enjoy the rain! We hope to see you! We have broccoli salad today and bacon and tomato quiche, there is also some delicious pumpkin bread and a few and I mean few slices of pumpkin cheesecake left. Happy Saturday!