Welcome to a new week

Good Morning and welcome to Monday! We hope you had a great weekend! Today we have sausage and mushroom quiche and also veggie quiche! Today is Monday so we have Chicken Salad! We also have strawberry oatmeal bars and brownies. Come by and try something new like a campout mocha.

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! We hope you have had a great week and that we will be able to see you and enjoy some of your weekend with you! Sausage and peppers quiche today and salad. We also have brownies and homemade cinnamon rolls. Have a great weekend! Drink Suggestion = cappuccino chunky chocolate latte!

Frittata Friday!

It’s Frittata Friday! So happy to see this day and we hope we are able to see our wonderful customers! Ham and Cheese frittata for you to have today along with bacon and tomato quiche and sausage and pepper quiche. We also have wedge salad for today. Quiche and salad and an Iced vanilla latte is a delicious way to keep your day going! 😉

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday! We hope you have had a great week and that the 1st day of school was wonderful! Today we have beef stew as well as bacon and artisan tomato quiche or sausage and sweet pepper quiche! We hope to see you!

Woo Hoo! Wednesday!

Customer favorites for Wednesday, hump day. Bacon and artisan tomato with cheddar cheese, also turkey, avocado and green onion quiche and everybody’s favorite……. beef stew. Come get you some. Can’t wait to see you.

Hooray for Tuesday!

We hope your Monday treated you well! We have quiche and chicken salad today! We still have some zucchini bread and we also have brownies and oatmeal bars. This Tuesday is a great day for a grasshopper (mint and chocolate) latte! We hope we get to see you!

Happy Monday!

Bacon and tomato quiche and turkey and avocado quiche and chicken salad. What a way to start the week! Happy Monday! We hope to see you today! You might wanna try a Marshmallow Meltdown (wh. choc and marshmallow).

Super Hero Saturday!

Once again it is super hero Saturday! We hope you have had a great week. Today we have turkey and bacon quiche and cornbread salad. We also have delicious goodies and smoothies as well as an almond joy latte that is ‘to die for’

Woo Hoo Thursday!

It’s a Beautiful Rainy day in the neighborhood! We hope you are having a grand day! We have bacon and red onion quiche and also chicken and wild rice soup. A peach smoothie would be wonderful. I certainly enjoyed mine!