Fritatta Friday!

Happy Fritatta Friday! We hope you have had a great week. We have turkey and avocado fritatta(quiche w/o crust) today, we also have sausage and mushroom or 3 cheese and mushroom quiche for you to choose from. The special today is quiche(or fritatta) and salad for $5. Also a black and tan latte will pair well with any choice you make today. It is grand hot iced or frozen :-).

Yay for another Coooooool Day!

Today we are looking forward to seeing you and sharing some of our beef stew with you on this coool coool day! We also have turkey, avocado quiche, mushroom and 3 cheese quiche, and bacon and cheddar quiche, speaking of bacon… a bacon and cheese croissant will be fantastic on this coool day! An almond joy latte will be amazing on your palate as well.

It’s Hump Day! Yay-uh!

Good Day to you all! We have beef stew today! We hope to see you and we suggest trying a nut-n-honey latte, made with local honey, great for allergies 😉 🙂 We also have turkey and avocado quiche and ham and green onion. We hope to see you today!

It’s a cool, cool Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! So happy so feel some cool breezes today, we also are looking forward to seeing you. We have ham and green onion quiche, sausage and sweet peppers quiche and bacon and tomato quiche. We also have chicken salad and we have tortillas so you will be able to have a chicken salad wrap. Quiche and a wrap for $5. Your allergies may be acting up….. if so a nut-n-honey latte could help because it is made with local Muskogee honey. We hope your day is grand!

Monday, Monday

It’s here! it’s here! Blueberry bread with lemon icing is here and it is delicious. Pleas come by and buy some so I don’t eat it all. Thank you. We also have chicken, bacon and feta quiche and sausage and sweet pepper quiche. A vanilla latte just might keep you going today! We also have added cherries to our list of real fruit for smoothies, you must try one!

Super Hero Saturday!

We hope you have had a great week and that your weekend is grand, but most of all we hope to see you! Today we have turkey, avocado, and feta quiche and we also have ham and green onion quiche! We are doing quiche and salad($5) today. We also have strawberry oatmeal bars and brownies. Happy guessing!

Frittata Friday!

Hey Hey it’s Frittata Friday! Turkey and asiago cheese is the frittata and we have quiche and salad special today($5)! We still have some delicious zucchini bread available. We are back to hot and sticky weather, an iced latte would cool you down! Happy Friday and we hope to see you!

Oh, Happy Day!

Hey, Hey, it’s Thursday! We hope you have had a great week! Today we have bacon and tomato quiche and ham and green onion quiche. We also have homemade zucchini bread. Looks like we are going to have a wet and soggy day, a hot macadamia nut latte would really carry you through the cloudiness! We hope to see you today!

Hooray for Tuesday!

Today we have chicken salad as well as sausage quiche and turkey and bacon quiche! We also have some excellent smoothies that are wonderful on a hot hot day! If you have not had the chance to try the banana pudding smoothie today would be a marvelous day to do so. We hope to see you today!

Monday, Monday! La la…….

Good morning!! We have turkey-bacon-feta and sausage-sweet bell pepper quiches for you today, as well as chicken salad, fresh apricot oatmeal bars and brownies. We missed you this weekend, but enjoyed every minute with our 1 year old nephew/grandson, and his parents as well as the rest of the visiting family. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU TODAY!!!!