Happy Birthday Jim!

Happy birthday Dad! We love you! He wants to serve customers for his birthday. Help us provide his present.
Thursday…. just one more day to weekend bliss. Come celebrate Jim’s birthday, and enjoy some fresh beef stew (had to make another batch last night … thank you very much!!), turkey n feta or ham n cheddar quiche, and don’t forget a brownie –Jim’s favorite, you know….. Cant wait to see you. Jim an Ems customers are the BEST!!!!

Happy Day!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Today we have ham and veggie quiche and also chicken salad! You should come by and get a slice of zucchini bread and a vanilla latte.. We will see you soon! Have a great day!

Hooray for Monday!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Won’t you be our neighbors? We have some delicious goodies that my friend Erika has made. She made zucchini bread – sooooooo good – and she also made some blueberry scones! Please come by and take these delicious things out of my sight! We also have quiche and chicken salad today $5. The quiche is bacon and sun dried tomato for one and the other is veggie with ham! We hope you are having a glorious Monday and that we will have the pleasure of visiting with you today! Who knows, you may just need to drive by and get a Nutty Professor Latte (macadamia nut, hazelnut, butter pecan, almond). 😉

Super Hero Saturday!

Good Morning and happy weekend to you all! Today we have Cornbread salad and quiche – bacon & tomato or sausage and feta with sweet peppers – we also have breakfast croissants and biscuits! A snickerdoodle (cinnamon and vanilla) latte might just hit the spot today! We hope to see you!

Fitatta Friday! What? What?

It’s Fritatta Friday! Hope everyone’s week has gone well. We have turkey and green peppers in the Fritatta this morning and we also have bacon and tomato quiche and sausage and sweet peppers in another quiche! I hope we all have a nice Summer type weekend so to set us in the mood I suggest a Camp out mocha (chocolate and toasted marshmallow) or a Marshmallow meltdown (toasted marshmallow and wh. chocolate). Have a great day!

Welcome to Thursday!

Looks like a little cooler day today after that cool storm we got yesterday! We have bacon and tomato quiche today and also taco soup. We hope to see you today! a Nut-n-honey latte would be awesome! It’s made with real local Muskogee honey. So allergies be gone!

It’s Wednesday! Yes!

Good Morning! Today we have TACO SOUP and we also have bacon and tomato quiche and ham and green onion quiche! We hope your week is going well and we hope to see you today! Frozen Grasshopper(chocolate and mint) would go well with the heat today!

It’s an Awesome Tuesday!

Good Morning! We have sausage and feta quiche and also veggie quiche! Today we also have chicken salad. Today will be a great day to try a frozen vanilla latte. It does pair well with a hot hot day! We hope to see you.

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! We hope you have had a great week. We have bacon and tomato quiche and also mushroom and cheese quiche. The special for today is quiche and salad ($5). We also have fresh brownies and raspberry oatmeal bars. It’s a beautiful Saturday in the neighborhood, we hope we get to see our neighbors. Happy guessing!