Super Hero Saturday!

We hope your weekend is going well! Bring in or drive-thru with your real life super hero and get half price drinks for you and your DAD! Happy Father’s Day. We have ham and green onion quiche and turkey and sundried tomato quiche! Raspberry oatmeal bars, brownies and muffins, Today might be a great day for a blueberry smoothie!
dad and sign

Frittata Friday

Happy Frittata Friday! It’s Friday the 13th and also Mary’s (Mom’s) Birthday! If you see her you should sing to her. Today we have Happy Birthday Mom brownies and Happy Birthday Mom raspberry oatmeal bars, Happy Birthday Mom sausage and cheese Frittata, and Happy Birthday Mom Mushroom and Cheddar Quiche! Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and that we get to see you!

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! It is a perfect day for a plain hot vanilla latte. Not too sweet but just warm enough to get that “hug in a mug” feeling. We have fresh brownies and fresh oatmeal bars! Quiche for today is 3 cheese and Mushroom. We hope your day is grand and that we get to see you!

Woo Hoo! Wednesday!

We have made it to the middle of the week! It is also supposed to be a non rainy day! All good reasons to have a wonderful Wednesday! Ham and Tomato quiche and Sausage with sweet peppers quiche! We also have muffins and raspberry oatmeal bars. We hope to see you on this beautiful Wednesday!

Toast to you Tuesday!

So Happy that it is no longer Monday! Looks like it could be another wet one but at least we don’t have to start the week all over again. Here at Jim & Em’s we have raspberry oatmeal bars, muffins and brownies if you need to treat yourself to a goodie! We also have Quiche – Sausage and Sweet Peppers and Ham with Artisan tomatoes! Also Em tried her hand at some Ham salad, delicious on a pita! Hope your Tuesday is Grand.

Monday! Monday!

Good morning! Welcome to another wet and soggy week. Remember to keep calm, if you need some assistance Jim & Em’s is here for you! Today we have Turkey, avacado and sun dried tomato quiche! We also have muffins and cheese danish! Have a wonderful Monday!

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Hope to see all of your beautiful faces today! We have chicken salad and also ham and feta quiche! Also it is a perfect day for a marshmallow meltdown (marshmallow and white chocolate)

Thank you, Thursday!

Weather watching Thursday! Today we have veggie or sausage quiche. We also have biscuits or croissants. Fresh batch of brownies and lemon bars! Hope your Thursday is grand and that we get to see you! We have a new flavor – toasted marshmallow – camp out mocha anyone?