Monday Yay!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We hope to see you today to brighten and to start it off with a kick. We have some Ethiopian coffee brewed this morning! Chicken salad for those that have asked! We also have ham and spinach and feta quiche! We hope that we are able to see you today! Happy Monday!

Frittata Friday!

Fritttata Friday! Sausage and Mushroom Frittata, we also have sausage and feta quiche as well as turkey and onion. The cornbread salad is amazing! We have taken it to family reunions for years and is the ultimate taste of summer. You can have it as a meal itself or you can add it as a side for your quiche. Any way you choose to have it I promise it will not disappoint.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Potato Soup
It is a wonderful Wednesday! We hope to see you today! For eating we have potato soup, we also have ham and spinach quiche and turkey and mushroom quiche! For desert you should try a banana pudding smoothie! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Good Day, Sunshine!

Good Day! We made it through Monday! Vanilla Latte, sweet and a nice accent to coffee flavor. We have sausage and sweet pepper quiche, chicken, spinach, and sun dried tomato quiche. Goodies are brownies and apricot oatmeal bars. We also have muffins and cheese danish, sausage or bacon on a biscuit or croissant. We hope to see you today!

Monday Monday!

Here we are again another soggy Monday! We hope that we get to see you today! We have sausage and sweet pepper quiche and chicken, sun dried tomato quiche! We also have a fresh batch of brownies and oatmeal bars. An iced latte is a wonderful Monday treat to get through the day!

Super Hero Saturday!

Good Morning and welcome to the weekend and the longest day of the year! We hope that you are having a great weekend! We have chicken salad! We also have chicken, green onion and sun dried tomato quiche, and the other quiche is veggie. We still have our quiche and salad special ($5). Looking forward to seeing you today and you should get a Mocha today!

Hey Hey It’s Friday!

Happy Friday to all! We have quiche and salad special again today ($5). Spinach, Mushroom and feta quiche and 3 cheese quiche for today. We also have Turkey for sandwiches on croissants or pita. We hope we get to see you today and that your Friday is Spectacular!


Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! We hope your week is going well. Today is a great day for a banana smoothie! You might also enjoy our sausage or veggie quiche today. We also have some salad and running a quiche and salad special ($5). We hope to see you on this wonderful Wednesday!