Monday Yay!

Good Morning and welcome to the beginning of the week. Today we have Ham, spinach and mozzerella quiche and 3 cheese quiche! We also have croissants and biscuits! Let us help you fulfill that offer you can’t refuse with some awesome coffee! Try a nut and honey latte!

Super Hero Saturday!

It is Super Hero Saturday once again! We hope we get to see you this fine Saturday. Remember that if you guess the correct super hero your drink is 1/2 price. Happy guessing! We have lemon squares and brownies, we also have quiche, sausage and turkey quiche.
Superman mug

Frittata Friday!

Turkey, sun dried tomato, feta & Sausage, peppers and cheddar are the quiche we have today! It is also Frittata Friday! Hope your week has gone well and hope to see you today!

Happy Thursday!

Book Club today from 2-7 free drip coffee to anyone who comes in to discuss the 1st game of thrones book. Brownies are here again. Also Try some lemon bars. Today we have veggie quiche as well as chicken and artisan tomato.

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to Wednesday! Hope you all are staying dry. Don’t forget you can call Jim & Em’s ahead of time to get your order ready. The Drive-thru is super convenient! Veggie quiche, artisan tomato and chicken! Hope you have a great hump day!

Good Day Tuesday!

Jim & Em’s has officially been open 6 months today! Thank you to all of our customers, you have made this the time of our lives. Today we have Cheese quiche as well as Sausage and Cheddar. For lunch we have broccoli cheddar soup and croissants with ham or turkey! Also you should try a snickerdoodle latte (cinnamon and vanilla) it is Delicious.

Manic Monday!

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! We have some new goodies. Lemon squares ($2) and cinnamon roll cake! Both are delicious! We also have cheese quiche and sausage and cheddar. Hope your week is starting wonderfully and you are able to make it to Jim & Em’s.

Oh yes! It is Super Hero Saturday!

Thank you to all mothers! If you are out with your mum and you need a place to hang before your next adventure today then Jim & Em’s is the place to hang! If you bring your mothers to hang out in the coffee shop then your drinks are half price! Happy Mothers day! Also it is Super Hero Saturday, guess the correct super hero and your drink is free!

Edibles for today are quiche (1.turkey, sun dried tom, feta 2. veggie and cheddar) Croissants (ham, turkey, sausage, bacon) We also have muffins and cinnamon rolls!

Book Club anyone?

Alright, Alright, Alright…. It’s Thursday and it looks like rain! We have ham and green onion quiche and sausage and cheddar quiche! We are trying out some peach tea. Come by and get a refreshing ice cold cup of peach tea sweet or unsweet! On to other things…… Upon having an in depth conversation with a friend about Game of Thrones it has been decided that to truly have an educated opinion I need to read the books. I have started the first book, so if anyone would like to read with me that would be awesome. We will have book club meeting next Thursday May 15 from 2-7 pm. If you come in and talk about the book you can have free coffee while you are here talking about the book. Happy reading!

We love Wednesday!

Welcome to Wednesday! This pop tart latte I am having is delicious! We hope your week is going well. Food for today is quiche = 1.Chicken, roasted tomato, and avacado 2.three cheese (feta, monterey jack, cheddar). We have croissants and also biscuits so if you need to run in for breakfast we have you covered. Have a wonderful wednesday!
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