Super Hero Saturday!

Yay! It is Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week and that we get to see and visit with you today! Quiche for today is Mushroom and sausage, and the other is a new one……. Steak, Feta and Thyme! We also have lemon bars and apricot oatmeal bars. Oh, and don’t forget the apple pie! Happy guessing on the super hero!

Frittata Friday!

Friday! Yes, I love Friday! Even though the weekends I work there is just something about the feeling of Friday! Frittatas for today are……. Ham and green onion and Mushroom and spinach, Quiche for today are Veggie and Turkey and sun dried tomato. We also have some home made apple pie! Come by and get a great tasting coffee! And remember…….

Good Morning

So Happy to see the sun yesterday and today is looking promising! Jim & Em’s is here to help you keep the day going. Today is a great day for a Reese’s Latte (chocolate & peanut butter) hot, iced, or frozen! Veggie or Turkey and sun dried tomato quiche is available.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday! Looks like we are gonna get some sunshine today. If you need a little extra then Jim & Em’s is here to beam for you! Quiche today is turkey and sun dried tomato and veggie. Also found a neat frozen latte recipe……. A Gorilla Hug (macadamia nut, coconut, banana) it is really good and even tastes like there is some chocolate in it, but there is not.

Toasty Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Jim & Em’s can help you get back into the grind with our special grinds! We have sausage or bacon quiche, we also have yummy apricot oatmeal bars (best I have ever done, in my opinion) and lemon bars! Hope your week is not too soggy!
coffee life

Memorial Day

Good Morning, today we have sausage and mushroom quiche and bacon and green onion. Apricot oatmeal bars are back! We hope your weekend has been wonderful! Happy Memorial Day! We hope to see you!

Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! Hope all are safe and traveling to an adventure…… Jim & Em’s is here to fuel your caffeine! We hope to see you this weekend. It is also Super Hero Saturday. Good luck, it’s an oldie but a goodie! You should treat yourself to a Lemon Bar if you guess the clue!

Frittata Friday! Awesome!

Frittata Friday! It’s a good one – bacon and sun dried tomato with feta – mmmm mmmm good! quiche for today is ham and green onion with cheddar and a tomato, spinach and feta! deliciousness on this beautiful Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Everyone stay safe and come and see us at Jim & Em’s.
Super Mario

Woo, Middle of the Week

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Jim & Em’s has some quiche – turkey and sweet peppers and spinach and tomato. We hope your week is going well and if you feel you would like to do the coffee dance then dance on over! Mocha is a classic and it is delicious!

Hooray for Tuesday!

Another beautiful day! We hope we get to see you and share it! A frozen Nut-n-honey latte would be amazing today! quiche = ham and spinach, 3 cheese, we also have lemon squares and muffins!