Holy Thursday

Good Day! We have stuffed strawberries and we also have some apple chips that we need your opinion on. Spinach and mushroom quiche as well as sausage and peppers. In honor of Holy Week, Jim & Em’s Coffee will close early this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We will close at 5pm.

What are we going to do today, Brain?

Jim & Em’s has sausage and pepper quiche and also spinach and mushroom. We also have some fresh fruit smoothies that are perfect for a nice spring day! We hope your week is going well. Come by and see us and let us make you a big cup of deliciousness!

Super Hero Saturday!

It’s Super Hero Saturday! Guess the Super Hero and you get a free drink! Happy guessing! It is also Chili Cook off! If you are out and about we have coffee to keep you enjoying the festivities!

Frittata Friday is here again!

Welcome to Friday! Tonight the drive thru will be open all night long. We hope this will help you out for the big Chili Cook off weekend. Today we have frittatas, veggie and cheese and onion! We also have quiche – spinach, mushroom and swiss and Ham and green onion. We also have some delicious cream cheese stuffed strawberries! Happy Friday!

Thirsty Thursday!

Good Morning! Hope your Thursday is going well. We have Spinach and Sun dried tomato quiche, We also have Cinnamon rolls back! IF you would like to try something new then come by and try an almond roca, coffee latte. They are delicious!

What Day is It?!

Hope your week is going well. We have turkey and avacado quiche as well as spinach and sun dried tomato. We also have some delectable coffee! If you like tea come by and try some of our blackberry pomegranate green tea.

Yay! Tuesday!

Good Day! Come by and check out some of our new flavors. We have some amazing customers that have wonderful suggestions. Grizzly bear (chocolate, cinnamon, sweet heat) and a polar bear which is the same thing only with white chocolate instead of chocolate. It does taste pretty amazing! We have also played with the coffee flavor (almond roca and coffee flavor). Hope your week is going well! Hope to see you this week!

Monday Monday

Happy Monday! We got a couple of new flavors, Lime and Cinnamon. Come by and try them. Also we have quiche lorraine and sausage and pepper quiche. We also made some raspberry oatmeal bars as well as some fresh brownies. We hope the beginning of your week is grand and if we can assist in the awesomeness please drive by and let us!

It’s Super Hero Saturday!

Once again we have Super Hero Saturday! Guess the correct super hero and your drink is free. We have some new coffee cake muffins you should try. Also we have some Sweet pepper quiche as well as spinach, ham, and swiss. We hope to see you today on this beautiful Saturday!