Coffee Monsters Unite!

coffee monster
It’s Wednesday! What What?! We hope your week is going well. Today we have quiche = turkey, feta, artisan tomato & Cheese (feta, monterey jack, cheddar). We also have muffins, blueberry, chocolate, banana nut. Oh and TACO SOUP! We hope we get to see you!

I love Tuesdays!

Happy to see Tuesday this week. There are a lot of changes going on this week. Electricity is almost done (excuse our mess)! We hope you are having a great week. If you need a little pick me up Jim & Em’s would love to help you out. We have punch cards now (buy five drinks at $3 or more and the 6th is free) We are excited about our growth and we are excited to see our customers each day! We have veggie quiche today. Hope to see you!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! It is here again. Jim & Em’s is here to help you through it. We have some really good muffins as well as cinnamon rolls, biscuits and croissants. Quiche today is bacon and sun dried tomato and veggie. We also got a new peanut butter flavor, Reeses Mocha anyone?

It’s Super Hero Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Today at Jim & Em’s we are having spinach and artisan tomato quiche as well as some awesome croissant sandwiches! Coffee is amazing, even if we do say so ourselves 😉 If you are able to make it by then you should try a pop tart latte (brown sugar cinnamon), it really tastes like a pop tart. Guess the super hero of the day and your latte is free.

Frittata Friday!

If you agree with the picture then Jim & Em’s is here to save your Friday! We hope to see you. Besides a cup of coffee in your hand you may need some food in your tummy. You are in luck because we have Sausage and Monterey Jack Frittata (sprinkled with spinache.) This is delicious! We also have quiche – turkey and feta – sausage and cheddar. We hope you have a wonderful Friday and that we get to see you!

Happy Thursday!

Happy to see Thursday of this week. The quiche and salad luncheon is today at St. Joseph’s Church from 11-1. Today at Jim & Em’s we have sausage and cheddar quiche as well as turkey and feta quiche. We also have first recipe trial of chicken salad. Come by and try some chicken salad we need your opinion! We also have COFFEE!!!!!!!! Be a Coffee Head and have a great day!

Hump Day! Yay Yay

We have made it to the middle of the week! Congratulations! Jim & Em’s Coffee has some amazing drinks to get you through the rest of the week. Do you like brown sugar pop tarts? If you are a fan you should try a brown sugar cinnamon latte, it tastes like a pop tart in a cup! We also have croissant sandwiches as well as veggie quiche and turkey quiche. Have a great Wednesday!

It’s Tuesday! Woo Hoo!

Come by Jim and Em’s and get a Sugar Daddy Latte (caramel, hazelnut), Hot, iced or frozen…… We also have Muffins, chocolate, banana nut, blueberry! Veggie quiche, turkey and green onion quiche. We hope your week is going well, if you need a little boost to get through then Jim & Em’s Coffee is here for you!

Happy Monday!

Good Morning! We hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter. Today we have quiche lorraine (spinach, ham, swiss) and sausage and feta. Come by and check out the new menu!

What Time is It?

It’s Frittata Friday! veggie, tomato and parsley frittatas and Quiche Lorainne! We also have cinnamon rolls! Hope your Friday is grand and that Jim & Em’s Coffee will be able to make you some deliciousness in a cup!