Welcome to Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Today we have Ham and Asparagus quiche as well as Spinach and Mushroom. Our sausage biscuit sandwiches are pretty amazing on the ol’ taste buds. Also our Croissants are buttery and flaky and pair with ham or sausage very well. We also have some fresh apricot oatmeal bars and some of Dad’s brownies. Today is going to be a great day and it is all because of the squirrel in my latte.

Yay Tuesday!

We hope you had a lot of fun yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day. If you had a little too much fun then you will love what we are doing today. Today shots of espresso are 1/2 off. So if you need to add a shot of espresso to any drink to help get through the day or you just like to have a little extra jolt today it is .50 for an extra shot of espresso instead of 1.00. We also have quiche today as well as croissant sandwiches, biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, apricot oatmeal bars as well as brownies!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today all green drinks are 1/2 off. A grasshopper is chocolate and creme de menthe. You can also add green to any drink and it will be 1/2 off. Also we have spinach, bacon, monterey jack quiche and also turkey and sun dried tomato quiche. We also have croissants back. Hope your St. Patrick’s Day is awesome!

Awesome Saturday

We hope you are as excited about being at Jim & Em’s Coffee on a Saturday as we are. Today we have a table and chairs on the front porch for you to enjoy as well as a sun room and tea room for great coffee and conversation. If you would like to have something to eat while you are enjoying the atmosphere we have sausage or veggie quiche, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, brownies and raspberry oatmeal bars. If coffee really isn’t your cup then we also have a variety of smoothie options as well… strawberry, pineapple, pina colada, peach, banana. Italian sodas are pretty cool too.

Frittata Friday!

It’s Friday! We have frittatas today as well as a veggie quiche and a sausage quiche! We also have some fresh bananas and apples for you if you like, don’t for get about the biscuits and gravy! Also try some of our fruit smoothies, strawberry, peach, pina colada, pineapple.

Yay for Thursday!

If you are like me you need some of that go juice to keep up that sparkling personality of yours. Luckily for you Jim & Em’s is open from 5am to 5pm to serve you some of the magical stuff known as COFFEE!!!!!!!! We hope you are able to make it by. We have turkey or sausage quiche today as well as ham or turkey croissants for lunch. We also have a new batch of brownies! We hope your Thursday is all you need it to be.


Good Day! Today we have biscuits and gravy as well as breakfast sandwiches, Quiche = turkey and feta, sausage and cheddar. Goodies = Dad’s brownies, raspberry oatmeal bars and sugar daddies. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! We all need coffee! Lucky for you Jim & Em’s is open for you to enjoy your favorite cup!

Let’s Do This!

So happy to see Tuesday! Ham or Turkey is your option for quiche or a croissant sandwich today. We also have Raspberry oatmeal bars as well as Dad’s brownies. We moved furniture around yesterday so come in and check out the changes. Today is gonna be great. If you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather come by and treat yourself to your favorite beverage. Smoothies are amazing!

Good Morning

I hope today is as springy as the time we changed this weekend. Today at the shop we have quiche ham or turkey for lunch, we also have biscuits and gravy for breakfast as well as croissant or biscuit sandwiches. There is also some ham and turkey for sandwiches if you would like on a croissant. Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday! Woo

Happy Saturday. Today we have veggie quiche and also sausage and feta quiche. We also have some home made bread for you to try with a ham sandwich possibly. Wah ha ha ha! Hope your day is as sinister as my latte……