Happy Monday!

Today is a new week! We have decided to change our hours to 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. We are hoping that this will promote coming in and hanging out in the Coffee shop. Today we have Sausage quiche as well as veggie quiche! We also got a new flavor……. Coconut. So come by and try and almond joy latte (chocolate, almond, coconut). We hope that the beginning of your week is awesome! Check out this piece of art made out of coffee cups.

Friday! Hey Hey It’s Friday!

It is Frittata Friday! We also have quiche today. Spinach and Artichoke as well as Turkey and sun dried tomato. If you decide to come by and get some awesome coffee than come on in and check out some of the changes we have made. Hope your Friday is Grand!

Hey You! It’s Thursday

One more day in the week. It is a lot warmer than expected. Come and try some chocolate muffins (heated with whipped cream) mmmmmmm. Also come by and see some of the changes that have been made. We here at Jim and Em’s Coffee hope you have a great day!

Wonderful Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday! How does roasted asparagus and tomatoes sound? If you would like to try it we have it in a quiche today, we also have turkey and cheddar. We also tried our hand at chocolate chip chocolate muffins. Hope your hump day is grand.

Coffee makes Everything Better

Happy Tuesday! We are looking forward to another beautiful day and if not then at least it is no longer Monday! Today you should come by and try a pumpkin spice mocha (chocolate) and if you have the time a little bite to eat. Jim & Em’s is hoping for a fantastic Tuesday and we hope that we get to see you and share it!

Monday Monday!

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Time to get back to the grind. Stop by Jim & Em’s Coffee for your special grind to get through the day! If you hear a little grumble in your tummy then we have some yummy edibles for you. Quiche = spinach and feta, sausage and sweet peppers. We also have biscuit sandwiches (bacon, sausage, ham, turkey) and Pita Pockets. We have oatmeal for breakfast and fruit as well. Hope your Monday runs smoothly!

It’s Saturday! Hooray!

So happy to see Saturday! We have veggie quiche as well as spinach, bacon and tomato quiche. We also have some pita pockets to put tuna salad into. We hope to see you today on the end of spring break. Blackberry smoothie? any takers? Frozen Latte anyone? Coffee is coming!

Yes!!!! It’s Friday

Happy Friday. Today is Fritatta Friday at Jim & Em’s, we also have quiche = bacon, spinach, tomato and veggie. We will also have Tuna Salad today that you could have as a sandwich or you can just have on its own. We have a new smoothie flavor…. BLACKBERRY. Come by and try some of this deliciousness! Irish Cream, Butter Pecan Latte…. Pretty awesome as well, it can also be iced or frozen!

It’s Thursday!

So glad to see Thursday this week. Today we have croissant and biscuit sandwiches as well as biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Quiche today = ham and asparagus, mushroom and spinach. We hope to see you today. Have a great Thursday!