New week New options!

This week we have some new items for our customers to choose from. We have croissants and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We also have quiche for lunch, ham and green onion and bacon and sun dried tomato. We have new syrups for your favorite drink. We now have Mint (grasshopper = chocolate and mint) we have blackberry (blackberry cobbler latte) butter pecan, and peach (peach italian cream soda). Hope we get to make you a neat drink when you come by to see us.
Saturday we had our first tea party birthday party! It was a ton of fun and all of the girls looked happy. If you would like to have a party or would like to rent one of our rooms for an event please give us a call.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Today has all the makings of being a beautiful and eventful day. We have ham and cheese quiche and sausage and spinach quiche, biscuits and gravy, scones and brownies. Come in and let us make you your favorite beverage hot, iced or frozen and spend your Saturday, Saturday, Saturday with us at Jim and Em’s Coffee.


Scones! I made some scones last night! We also have veggie quiche and sugar daddy bites. Only two more days in the week! Today should be beautiful and a Smoothie would be awesome to go with your scone! Hope to see you today!

More Coffee

Give me more coffee!!!!!!!! I can’t seem to get enough of it today! In the shop today we have veggie quiche as well as roast beef and feta quiche! If you need a treat to get you through this hump of the week we have Dad’s brownies!

What are we going to do today Brain?

Same thing we do every day Pinky……

Come by Jim & Em’s and we will help you get started. Today we have an all veggie quiche as well as turkey, spinach, and sun dried tomato. We also have Dad’s brownies and biscuits and gravy. At least it is not Monday! Hope to see you today

Let’s Do This!

This weekend was awesome! The chocolate festival was a lot of fun. We enjoyed meeting new customers and talking with some of our regulars. Today we have sausage and feta quiche as well as turkey, spinach and sun dried tomato quiche. We also have Dad’s brownies and apricot oatmeal bars. I hope your week begins well! If you need coffee like myself to be human then come and visit and we will help you get that coffee added.


It’s Saturday! Hope to see you today! We have veggie quiche and also chicken and spinach quiche. Dad’s brownies and apricot oatmeal bars. Tonight is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity at the Civic Center.
Get your Tickets now!! February 8 at the Muskogee Civic Center from 7pm-10pm. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations in Muskogee American Bank of OK, Armstrong Bank, Arvest Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, FirStar Bank, and Muskogee Habitat Office. Must be 21 years old to attend. Pre-sale Tickets are $15 or $20 at the door!

What What

More snow and flurries? I think only my latte is shocked! Come by Jim & Em’s Coffee and we will fill your belly and warm your body with good food and drink! Today we have Quiche! 1)Turkey, broccoli, red peppers, and cheddar 2)Chicken, spinach, sun dried tomato, and feta 3)Roast beef, green onion, and feta! We also have Dad’s brownies and apricot oatmeal bars. Friday! Friday! Friday!

What what

Mmmmmm…. A warm drink of hot Coffee!!!!!!

Surprise, Surprise it’s cold again and snowing. Fortunately for you Jim & Em’s Coffee is open today!!!!!!!!! We have freshly roasted beans. If you need to just get out of the house then you can just roll through the drive and pick up a 1/2 lb for $5 or 1lb. for $10. Then you can be like Tom Hanks and warm up the wonderful day you are going to have! We also have Quiche and bean w/bacon soup.