Yes Virginia, there is a Friday.

Come by and see us today. We have the menu on the wall and will be working on making it visible to our beloved customers. We need opinions! Hope you decide to share yours with us. Today we have biscuits and gravy, bacon or sausage and cheese biscuits, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, bacon and sun dried tomato quiche, turkey, red pepper, and feta quiche and beef stew for lunch. We also have Dad’s brownies, some mixed berry scones and the apricot oatmeal bars are here! How about some pictures for you to drool over. . . . Have a wonderful Friday! Hope we get to see you.




Wooo Hooo Thursday

Welcome to Thursday! Today we have Biscuits and Gravy, and sausage or bacon biscuits for breakfast as well as cinnamon rolls. For lunch today we have beef stew and ham and green onion, and cheddar and feta quiche. If you are trying to balance your diet…..

Who ya gonna Call?

I hope it’s Jim & Em’s Coffee (918-360-5672) for your coffee and lunch needs. It is SNOWING! Gotta love Oklahoma weather! Mom made stew for lunch and my friend made more homemade bread bowls! We also have quiche – Ham and Green Onion, Veggie, and Cheddar and Feta. Seriously call us and we will start to prepare your lunch so you can roll through and only have your window down for a minute in this cold. Happy Wednesday!

Yes!!!!! Tuesday

Today is an amazing Tuesday! We have bacon and sun dried tomato quiche and veggie quiche! If it is breakfast you are looking for then we have some amazing crispy buttery croissants with sausage or bacon or jelly, biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls. Also our first coffee addicts meeting 🙂 5am – 5pm.

Good Day

Happy Monday! This last Saturday was a lot of fun. We had customers come in and carry on conversations. It really made it feel like a true coffee shop! Thank you to all that contributed. Today we have croissants, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, veggie quiche and bacon and sun dried tomato quiche. Hope to see you soon and that we are able to help you start your week off right.

The weekend is here!

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone has had a great week. Today we have quiche and soup for lunch. Come in to Jim & Em’s to hang out and maybe have a sweet treat. We have brownies, homemade chocolate chip cookies and raspberry oatmeal bars! This butter pecan latte I am having this morning is smiling at me, what a beautiful way to start the day!

Finally Friday!

Woo hoo it is finally Friday! We now have bacon for your croissant sandwiches in the morning. Also there are these awesome bread bowls for your soup. So if the wind is blowing you away, try to steer yourself towards the 600 block of Okmulgee street and come to Jim & Em’s for some delicious coffee and savory treats! You could even call us and we could get your order ready if you are unable to wait….

Thirsty Thursday

Bread Bowls

We have homemade bread bowls and chicken and rice soup! Vegetable quiche, Turkey and feta quiche for lunch! Come and see us to try some of our new flavors, butter pecan, mint, peach….. Peach Italian cream sodas are amazing! We also have croissants with jelly or sausage and cheese! Cinnamon Rolls.


Good Day! It’s Tuesday and it looks to be a great day. I finally got a heart in my Latte. I tried the butter pecan mocha! Mmmmmmmmmm so good. We have quiche today and we also have croissants and cinnamon rolls. Come and see us today and order a latte so that we can practice our latte art.