Another day a new adventure…

Hey hey hey it’s Fridaaaaay! Hope everyone has had a great week. Today we have Chili and all veggie quiche! Kick off the last day of the week with some Fresh roasted and brewed Jim & Em’s Coffee. We have and ethiopian blend and an Indian blend. Happy Friday.
Now for the new adventure. We have opened a room in the coffee shop. We have seating for about 6! This is a step towards our dream of opening this awesome coffee house. Come and share in our adventure.


Happy Wednesday to all! Today at the shop we have ham and green onion quiche, sausage and feta quiche, and beef stew! Each of these items are $3.00 but if you would like to combine them quiche/stew then the price is $5.00, also dad (Jim) made brownies! ($1). Today seems to have the markings to become a beautiful day! We enjoy seeing smiling faces in the drive-thru. I hope you have a glorious Wednesday! YAY YAY

What’s Happening

It’s a little chilly today but absolutely beautiful! An iced caramel latte would pair well with the day. Today in the Coffee Shop we have quiche and chicken pot pie for lunch. I am trying to master the salted caramel latte! If this sounds good come by Jim & Em’s Coffee and try one and let me know what you think.